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Who I am

Illustrations that tell stories.


My name is Louise and – like all children – I have always loved drawing, except that I never stopped drawing, even as I grew up! After studying graphic design, then comics and storytelling, I decided to devote myself to what I really care about: Helping to make life beautiful, but without disregarding meaning in what I create.

In particular, I would like to participate in transmitting the faith to children, which you may have guessed by browsing my site! Indeed, supporting them in their discovery of God, while not underestimating what they are capable of understanding, is a treasure that will accompany them throughout their lives. This is why this website is only the beginning of my ambitions in this field for the moment, as I would like to tend towards making illustrated books and who knows – perhaps one day even a magazine on faith aimed at children…


After having been born in France and raised in Austria in a bilingual family, I studied Graphics and Communication Design at the “Graphische Lehr- und Versuchsantalt” in Vienna. As I wanted to learn more about drawing and storytelling, I then came to Belgium to study comics at ESA Saint Luc.

Since then, I have combined my multiple talents from the fields of illustration, storytelling and design, to respond to various commissions, always adding a little touch of illustration.

I also have some personal projects I am working on, such as the publication of my first comic book, one day… You can discover my personal and commissioned projects on my portfolio!


Do not hesitate to contact me for any project proposals! As I speak French, German and English fluently, collaboration in each of these languages is possible!

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