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Data protection

We use TWIPLA to analyse traffic on our website. No personal data is recorded without your consent and we do not use cookies for this purpose.

The activated mode complies with European Union regulations (ePrivacy), which also respects the GDPR.

TWIPLA is a simple website analytics service that measures traffic to our website and collects general information about visitors on our website. We create statistics to improve the visitor experience of our website. We never use cookies for this purpose. As a website operator using TWIPLA to carry out reach measurements, depending on the level of data protection we have activated, we may process information about the device you use and its characteristics, information about the technical characteristics of the website visit, the number of page visits and the statistically relevant behavior of visitors to our website. The technology does not use the collected data to identify individual visitors or to match the data with additional information about an individual user. Depending on where you access our website from, TWIPLA may not collect information about the device you are using due to our technical settings.

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