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Do you want to gift a unique baptismal candle to your child or godchild? These hand-painted candles following a model of your choice or a design created by me are true works of art, which remain precious objects which can decorate a prayer corner and accompany the child throughout his or her life.


Below are some examples of candles I already made. Most of the time I paint the patron saint of the child which is to be baptised, but it is entirely possible to consider another motif, such as the Virgin Mary or the Archangel Michael!

As this is artisanal work, which requires a certain amount of work, the result of which is an object that is unique in the world, the costs of a candle are around €150. This price may vary depending on the style chosen and the size of the candle desired. If you wish, the first name of the baptised person and the date of baptism can be added at no additional cost.

Pauline 2024

Blessed Pauline Jaricot

Blessed Pauline Jaricot lived and worked all her life in Lyon and that is, among other things, the reason she was chosen as the patron saint of little Pauline, who lives very close to this city!

The parents were looking for a lightweight design that wasn't too overwhelming.

Rita Maria 2023

Saint Rita

Since her youth, Rita wanted to become a nun, but her parents married her to a young man with whom she had twins. After the death of her husband, who was murdered, she worked for the reconciliation of her family with that of the assassin, and then entered an Augustinian monastery.

Baptismal candle representing Saint Sophie and her three daughters

Saint Sophie

Saint Sophie and her three daughters were martyred in the 2nd century, after the girls refused to be adopted by Emperor Hadrian, who was struck by their beauty and virtues. To punish them, he had the daughters killed in front of their mother's eyes.

Baptismal candle representing Saint Pierre-Julien Eymard in stained glass style

Saint Pierre-Julien Eymard

Saint Pierre-Julien Eymard founded the order of the Fathers of the Most Holy Sacrament and worked extensively for the propagation of the adoration of the Most Holy Sacrament. Here the illustration is inspired by a sculpture of the saint found in the chapel of the Church of the Fathers of the Most Holy Sacrament in Brussels.

Jean-Eudes 2024

Saint Jean-Eudes

Saint John Eudes was concerned about the training of priests at a time when this was very neglected and insufficient. He founded several orders and a society of priests dedicated both to the training of seminarians and clergy and of popular preachers in parishes.

Diana 2024

Virgin of Silence

This representation of the Virgin of Silence by Kiko Arguëllo is a popular choice for the candles that are ordered from me.

The original being a stained glass window, it is not easy to adapt this image into a painting and I am always trying new ways.

Ombeline 2021

Blessed Ombeline

Ombeline was the sister of Saint Bernard. She was married and was very fond of worldliness, wealth and finery. It was when her brother refused to receive her during a visit that she converted. With the agreement of her husband, she went to live as a nun in Burgundy until her death.

David José 2019

Christ Pantocrator

Here is a baptismal candle that was decorated with a reproduction of the icon of Christ Pantocrator by Kiko Arguëllo. Christ holds a Bible on which the words "Love your enemies. I am coming." are inscribed.

The cross was designed to match the feel of the icon.

Josef 2024

Saint Joseph

This very simple candle represents Saint Joseph, protector of the Holy Family. Of course there is therefore Jesus in his arms, but Mary is also present, symbolised by the lily, which is found in the hands of her holy husband, but also around the cross of her son.

Baptismal candle representing Saint Charles de Foucauld

Saint Charles de Foucauld

Saint Charles de Foucauld was a priest who worked with and for local people in Syria, Palestine and Algeria before being assassinated at the door of his hermitage. He was canonised in 2022.

Thomas 2020

Saint Thomas More

Saint Thomas More was an English statesman, who was executed after refusing to take an oath to the English crown, and to recognise its authority as superior to that of the church.

He also wrote several humanist treatises.

Ask for a quote

Don't hesitate to contact me to discuss your needs so that I can give you a tailor-made quote!

Please allow for a delay of approximately four to six weeks between the first contact and the sending of the candle.

Thank you for your message

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